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Metal Coin Slot Bank Lid Inserts for Mason Jar 12 Canning Coin Slot Bank Lids And Bands For Mason. mouth Mason jar and Copper Coin Slot BankCar Fund - donations accepted - Jar with coin slot lid - Quart sized - Customized. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript.

Mason Jar Lids - Uses for Mason Jar Lids Forget the jar—it's all about the lids with these simple creations. From cookies to wreaths, here's how to reuse mason jar lids.13 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Mason Jar Lids. For once, the ubiquitous Mason jar isn't the star of these DIY projects. Box Tops Mason Jar - A Pumpkin And A Princess coin slot mason jar lid. ribbon. Step one: apple 2 coats of paint on the mason jar. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.step three: add the lid and ribbon if desired. I tried to keep the colors matching the box tops by using a pink mason jar with purple and yellow ribbon.

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Coin Slot Mason Jar Lids - Regular Mouth PINK Mason Jar Coin Lids - Put these lids on any regular-mouth mason jar and transform it into a canning jar bank! MADE in the USA. A portion of the proceeds from thi... Wholesale Mason Jar Lids -

Coin banks upcycled from glass jars are fun to make and incredibly useful. It's easy to find slotted lids for Mason jars, but it is important to try and recycle existing glass jars. I have been looking for an affordable and efficient way to punch rectangle slots in metal lids for some time now, but had a hard time finding the right ...

Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks - KA Styles I used Ball quart mason jars with acrylic paints for these. I didn’t have the right colors so I had to mix colors. My yellow was pale so I added a drop or two of orange to warm it up.They make these coin slot lids for mason jars now. They have all kinds of mason jar accessories today! Mason Jar Coin Jar | One of a Kind Creativity Trace the jar lid onto the back side of the scrapbook paper and the cardstock. If you are using a lighter weight paper, I highly recommend using cardstockOnce the Mod Podge is dry, cut out the coin slot rectangle using a scissors or an X-Acto knife. At this point, you should only have a coin slot on the... Mason jar coin bank lid 5 USD. Save it in a decorative way! Use this coin bank lid on any standard Mason jar. This lid measures 2¾" diameter with a slit in the top that will accept all of your spare change. You will be saving money and your bank account will look good too!